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About us

We started O2 GYM FITNESS in 2007 when Wellness as a business concept has just started to spread its wings in Indian market a decade ago. It has still been managed and led by the founding members. O2 GYM FITNESS is your fast track and secure route to state-of-the-art leisure facilities that you and your users will be proud of. The facilities offer a high income, innovative customer service-oriented operation that encourages wider community connection and participation. We cover everything from initial concept and feasibility study to facility design, construction, ongoing project management, and equipment provision, plus comprehensive support services ranging from staff training and sales support to marketing and operations management. Every O2 GYM FITNESS project comes complete with its own professionally designed interiors with colors and artwork customized to your taste. O2 GYM FITNESS remained as a local leader in leisure development encompassing of components ranging from Fitness, Spa, and Salon to health café. O2 GYM.

FITNESS is committed to ensuring both the facility and its customers stay at the forefront of the leisure industry.


• To help people lead a quality life and make them better by improving their holistic, physical, and emotional faculties.
• O2 GYM FITNESS endeavors to create, maintain and promote Wellness facilities that offer the clientele diverse, productive, affordable and accessible means of work out, rejuvenation and renewal that is supervised by well-trained professionals.


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